Tonight I have read many social media posts about how disappointed, distressed and devastated people are with the results of the General Elections (exit polls at the time of tying this). Many feel crushed and powerless. In this highly charged environment, there are few things people can do, so that they do not feel so stressed, disappointed and even depressed.

  1. In situations when emotions run high, we tend to think in black and white. Recognise your feelings. Register them. Sit with them. Then put them away. Don’t hold onto them. We had disappointing political results in the past too. Yet, we are still here, life goes on. Unless you have mental health problems, these feelings will soon pass. If you have mental health problems and your emotions are intense, seek help: speak to a mental health professional or to your GP.
  2. Chose who you talk to about the latest developments in politics. Talk to people you trust, to those who will understand you. They may have not voted the same way as you did but they will be people who respect your feelings, the people who are there to support you.
  3. Reduce your access to any source of political information or discussion including social media platforms or TV and radio. They can be overwhelming. Instead, take a walk along the beach or in the woods, go to your favourite park, visit places that inspire you. Change of scenery and fresh air will distract you from negative thoughts.
  4. Spend time writing a gratitude list. What are you grateful for? Health? Family? Friends? Make a list of 20 things. This will help you to put things in perspective.
  5. Just because the political result is not what you wanted, don’t stop. Keep your daily routine, eat well. Do things you enjoy. Practice self-care.
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