What I observe around me is that, having faced a great threat, communities came together to support each other. They don’t go out to socialise but they are more in touch than ever, more connected.

I'm talking about friends who collected neighbours contact details and are checking on them so they help in times of need. I'm talking about a friend who is offering free online fitness classes to keep people's spirits up. I'm talking about a school head who organised to record bed time stories and art classes to keep her pupils motivated. I'm talking about celebrity chefs offering free cooking classes or famous authors offering free audio books. And the list goes on and on.

It's easy to socialise when things are easy. But the way we stepped up and connected, the way we support each other, and the way we share resources within our communities in these difficult times shows that we are closer than ever. We are not socially distant! But we have to stay physically apart.
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