Stress and women

Although stress affects everyone, women experience it more than men. According to American Psychological Society research, women are more likely to report physical symptoms associated with stress.

Why do women experience more stress?

The reality is that women, more and more, juggle their centuries old traditional responsibilities along with busy work life. They take on more responsibilities outside their home too (volunteer, enrol to support groups, etc.). They also put a lot of extra pressure on themselves to look beautiful and to do well. Women find it more difficult (than men) to say no when asked to do something. And add to the equation frequent hormonal changes and it is clear why women feel more stressed than men.

The desire to achieve perfection in work and home life, look perfect and feel great, always be there for others is understandable. But the ability to achieve it all at the same time is an illusion. By putting pressure on themselves, they prepare themselves to fail and feel miserable.

Unfortunately, being too busy all the time does not give them an opportunity to have enough moments of reflection. Those moments can be helpful in identifying main stressors and finding ways of coping with them. Stress keeps building up and lead to serious physical and mental health problems.

Managing stress

Good news is that women can be more successful in dealing with stress.

American Psychological Society research shows:

· About 35% report success in their efforts to manage stress

· About 36% report success in their efforts to eat healthy

· About 29% are successful in their efforts to be physically active.

A personal wellness plan can help women manage stress and empower themselves to make healthy life changes.

A large part of managing stress will include self-care practices. By practicing self-care women send a subliminal message that tells their brain they are worthy of the attention they show to themselves. Not only self-care improves their mental wellbeing, it also helps to increase their self-esteem.

What I would recommend is to pay special attention to areas:

physical wellbeing (exercising, healthy eating, relaxation exercises, like yoga and meditation),

mental wellbeing (talkinng to someone to express emotions, journaling/gratitude, positive affirmations)

wellbeing at work (regular pauses to recharge, SMART goals rather than unachievable ones, healthy boundaries)

Social (good relationships, regular communication with friends)

And, finally…

Stress is something that will never completely disappear. It is a part of life and women will keep experiencing stress in their lives. A good way to manage it and to feel in control is to develop strategies that will keep helping them any time stressful situation arises.

If you feel stressed and need support in developing healthy strategies to overcome overwhelm get in touch. Lets work together to identify what makes you feel distressed and what tools you can use to feel calmer and more in control. You deserve it.
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