With Christmas day fast approaching, let's remember that not everyone thinks it's the 'most wonderful time of the year'.

Christmas is the time when families gather together to share good time. That is if they have families. Or they have functional families. Or their families are not hundreds or thousands miles away. Christmas time may be a reminder that not everyone is lucky to have some precious family time. For them it may be a lonely time.

Then there are those who lost their loved ones. It may have happened recently or a while ago. The pain of loss may get easier with years but it is still there. Seeing other happy families or couples may trigger a powerful feeling of sadness which is difficult to cope with.

There are also people who had many bad Christmas celebrations as they grew up. Those who were raised in abusive families, or those who had to move from one foster home to another often have bad memories this time of the year. For them Christmas is a reminder of bad times.

Let's not forget those who do not celebrate Christmas for religious or cultural reasons. They don't get into festive mood. For them, Christmas day is just another day.

Whatever your reason for not feeling festive, take a moment to stop, to reflect, to appreciate what you have and what you achieved.

For the rest of us, let's remember, everyone's life is different. Let's not ask questions like 'How can you not like Christmas?' or 'Why would they not celebrate it like everyone else?'

Let's be mindful this festive season.
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